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Girl Held Hostage on Youtube Live and Periscope: Aftermath

Hey guys.

If you have been on Youtube yesterday you probably heard about this extremely bizarre story.
There was also a horror  youtuber that brought up to the attention about what was happening, and you can check out her video below:

So basically, there was a stream going on yesterday where it featured a girl tied up with a timer on her lap.
She looked pretty zoned out and in my opinion, pretty off for the context that she was into.
I mean, she was clearly being held hostage and she looked quite relaxed, and looking at the timer like no big deal. She could have been drugged, as there were people assuming, but you will understand my point later in this post.

It is believed that the timer was set for 24 hours and by the time ReignBot uploaded her video, the timer was in the 2 hour mark.
Youtube and Periscope were constantly putting the stream down, but after a few moments, there were new links.
According to a commenter, the Periscope link was linked to a Russian Instagram profile of a…
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Curse of the Red Room - A Japanese Urban Legend

Hello my friends!

Today I decided to bring you one of my personal favourite topics: Asian urban legends.
What a best way to start your week than to read a great urban legend from Japan.
I will probably talk about this urban legends in the future, so if you like this post, smash that +1 button and share this with your friends!
Now enjoy this story and have fun.

Japanese urban legends don't involve only monsters or even paranormal forces. Oh no, my friends, this is an urban legend that will make you feel afraid of your own computer.
What is the Red Room? Apparently is an internet pop-up that announces your forthcoming death, and you can do nothing to block it, since the pop-up blocker doesn't work. 
According to my research, if you are chosen by the Red Room to be it's next victim, what you can do best is to write a good and beautiful goodbye letter to the ones you love and pray (for the ones that have faith, or whatever) because death will come shortly afterwards.

The pop-up appea…

The Saturday Night Live Curse

Unlike the rest of the posts in this blog, this article is based on theories and can be classified as a myth or conspiracy theory. You might agree with this post and all the research fonts, but please keep in mind to receive this information with a grain of salt.

Hey guys!

Today I am going to talk to you about a theory that made me curious since the first time that I got the chance to know it.
You probably know Saturday Night Live, a live show on NCB that features many mainstream artists and well known actors made speacial guest appearences, made with a consistent cast that might change during seasons.
Many well known faces from comedy movies had their beginning on SNL: Kristen Wiig, Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Amy Schumer, Jenny Slate, among others.

However there were a few of them that made many people laugh, and were supposed to be huge in the future, however... They were not so lucky.

But what is this all about?

As I said before, there were some SNL cast members that weren't s…

Top 3 Most Horrifying Hollywood Murders

Hey guys!

One of the main things you think about when you are faced with the word "Hollywood" is probably glamour, fame, opportunity... Basically positive things.
Hollywood has to be, to many people, a place of hope and dreams. A place where you can be seen and known.

But Hollywood can also be a place of negativity, excesses and consequently, death.

Today, I bring you 3 deaths that shocked the Hollywood industry, and the ordinary viewer and made question the safety of many celebrities.

Let's begin!

#3 The Muder of Selena Quintanilla

When you think about fans, you usually think about someone that will support you and care for you because they like you a lot.
Well, Selena, also know as the queen of Tejano music, wasn't so lucky with a particular fan she had.
Selena was an icon of the latino culture and she was known to be an upbeat, full of life young girl who had a lot to give to Tejano music.

Yolanda Saldívar, was a huge fan of Selena, and she became the manager of Se…

Behind The Curtains: The Exorcist

Production Credits:

Director: William Friedkin

Producer: William Peter Blatty and Noel Marshall

Screenplay: William Peter Blatty

Cinematographer: Owen Roizman

Country of Origin: USA

Year: 1973 
Running Time: 122 minutes or 132 minutes (Director’s cut)

Principal Cast: Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Lee J. Cobb, Kitty Winn, Jack MacGowran, Jason Miller, Linda Blair

If you are a horror movie fan, you will definitely know this movie. Considered a masterpiece by many, and by some the scariest movie ever made. In 1973, 'The Exorcist' made its appearance, full of gore scenes and heavy suspense. Each person that watched it didn't know what happened behind the scenes.

The Exorcist is based off a real life event. William Blatty (the author of the novel), was inspired by a real exorcism that happened with a boy called Roland Doe. The exorcism was performed by catholic priests at Georgetown University Hospital, but they had to stop when Rolland managed to get free from the bed strains. Dur…

The Krampus - A Creepy Christmas Legend

Hello everyone! How are you?
I was on YouTube this week and I heard the brand new song by Lacuna Coil, "Naughty Christmas" and something came into my mind. Well, it's almost Christmas and on this blog, we love all things creepy...

With that being said I present you the one and only Krampus! Have fun!

A long, long time ago, there was a dark, hairy, horned beast that was said to show up at the door to beat and carry children away from there parents.
The Krampus could be easily heard by the sound of his iron chains and cloven hooves.
The strangest part of this story was that he was in league with Santa Claus.

The Origin of Evil

The mythical Krampus was no demon or evil force, he was the companion to Saint Nicholas (or Santa Claus as we all know him).
Santa at this point has the reputation of loving all children and to be good to them during Christmas by giving gifts to the "good" ones. Krampus on the other side, plays another role: he stays with the naughty kids…

The - Not So Glamorous - Life of Anna Nicole Smith


Hey guys!

When we think about Playboy and Playmates, one of the main ideas that we have is that their lives are full of beauty and glamour.

Or at least most of them.

Today I bring you a Playmate who's life was more of a crazy nightmare, than a glamorous ride. That girl was Anna Nicole Smith.

Anna Nicole Smith - birth name: Vickie Lynn Hogan - was born on November 28, 1967 in Houston, Texas. She was a model, an actress, and television personality, and she was also compared to Hollywood's gourgeous Marilyn Monroe (ironic to say the least).

Anna won the title of Playmate of the year in 1993, which gave her even more notoriety.

She was also married twice, the first one 3 years after she dropped out of High School, which ended up in divorce. The second one - and the most controversial - with the octogenarian J. Howard Marshall, that many people speculated she only married him for his wealth, which she had to prove it was false. After Marshall's passing,…